by Chuck McAlister

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Sermon: Getting Close To God Again #14
Series: Empowered By God To Follow Your Dream (Nehemiah)
Chuck McAlister
Nehemiah 9


- As a boy our family vacationed every year on the beach in S.C. - one week - family tradition did the same when our boys were growing up with my parents
- Ever been to coast of S.C. has a undertow not dangerous pulls you along and, before you realize it, you'll look up when you were playing in the surf and wonder why everyone moved. But actually - you've been drifting.
- To keep those playing from drifting too far my Dad (and later, I, did this for my sons) established reference points markers on the beach (a house, a tree, etc.) down the beach the direction the undertow pulled.
- When you went past that marker you came back up on the beach walked back to where everyone had set up
- You stayed within those boundaries.

(A) As you pursue the visions that God has for you, you will be prone to drift.

1- Like children playing in an undertow we live, work, and play in an undertow.
2- There is current that is pulling us away from those we love away from the Lord and the visions He has for us.
3- That current is pulling us toward compromise, self-sufficiency, doing what is expedient rather than what is right.
4- We need markers boundaries that keep us where we need to be close to the Lord and His vision for us!

(B) Nehemiah had left his comfortable position as #2 in the kingdom of Persia to come to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls in 52 days.

(C) The walls that protected the people of God that marked them as distinctly different from the world around them were up!

1- These walls serve as a powerful symbol to us believers.
2- God's standard His Word His guidelines protect His people! They keep us from drifting!
a- Do you want a strong marriage? Stay within God's boundaries: - Keep yourself sexually pure emotionally pure
b- Do you want strong finances? Do it God's way - tithe.
* That standard - not only pr ...

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