by Chuck McAlister

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Dealing With Discouragement (7 of 17)
Series: Nehemiah - Empowered By God To Follow Your Dream
Chuck McAlister
Nehemiah 4:10-23


Legend Satan was giving a tour of his arsenal of weapons. Satan proudly showed the weapons: Pride (he recounted stories of how he had used this weapon) Arrogance Laziness Envy Deceit Immorality Jealousy Addiction Hatred.

The one who was being given the tour noticed that all the weapons were without handles and asked, ''Satan, why?''
Satan took him to a special container pulled something out and said: ''This is the handle that fits all my weapons it is called DISCOURAGEMENT.''

Discouragement is used by Satan to pry open the Christian's heart to begin his assault with the rest of his arsenal.

(A) Have you ever been discouraged? felt helpless? or hopeless?

1- Discouragement characterized by helplessness, hopelessness, sadness In fact, it can take many forms:
2- a passive or listless feeling sadness an attitude that ''nothing seems to matter'' of feeling nothing is ever going to get better an idea that no one cares or understands a sense of rejection
3- The truth were known all of us have struggled with discouragement!
4- Nehemiah had to face discouragement and deal with it

Had come from Persia to help people rebuild the walls of Jerusalem the walls that represented those things that mark God's people as distinct, different from our culture.

Judah the cream of crop, the leaders come to Nehemiah discouraged and say: ''We can't go on - we can't finish this work it's just too much.'' ''Our enemies will surprise us.'' Nehemiah had to lead his people past this obstacle! He had to deal with discouragement.

At the close of the first day of the Battle of Shiloh, with serious Union reverses, General U.S. Grant was met by his greatly discouraged chief engineer, James McPherson, who said: ''Things look bad, General. We've lost half our artillery and a third of the infantry. Our line is broken and we are pushed ...

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