by Chuck McAlister

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Your Worship (1 of 6)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
John 4:1-30

(A) New Series: BACK TO BASICS !
1- Look at the basics of what happens .... right after salvation.
a- Salvation is not a process .... it is an instantaneous miracle.
.... The moment you surrender control of your life to Jesus Christ -- you become part of the body of Christ.
b- Salvation is a passage from death into life.
c- Once you are saved, however ... then the process begins.
d- Then you must start growing spiritually.
2- After you've surrendered control of your life to Jesus, all the resources you need to grow stronger are made available to you.
a- Your growth is not about what you know.
b- It is an issue of what you do with what you know.
c- Your growth is not about being busy.
.... Being busy doesn't even lead to salvation, much less maturity.
3- Spiritual growth is not mystical .... requiring you to learn some clever secret or some formula.
a- It is not sentimental .... requiring you to seek some emotional mountaintop experience.
b- It is not devotional .... requiring you to restrict yourself with rigid rules to try to become more holy.
c- It is not psychological .... requiring you to analyze your subconscious.
* Spiritual growth .... is simply putting into practice the work that God has already begun in your heart.
* Spiritual growth is not automatic.
* There are 6 elements involved in spiritual growth -- 6 basic building blocks of the Christian life.

-- We'll look together at : YOUR WORSHIP .... YOUR WITNESSING .... YOUR WALK .... YOUR WEALTH .... YOUR WARFARE .... YOUR WORK.
.... You never grow beyond these 6 elements .... you grow in them.
4- It all begins with YOUR WORSHIP.... giving glory to God is the 1st step in your growth .... it is the 1st building block of your Christian life.
5- The moment you are genuinely saved ....God creates within you a thirst to glorify Him .... ...

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