by Fred Lowery

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The Key To Receiving God's Favor (7 of 8)
Series: The Favor of God
Dr. Fred Lowery

Leigh and I were eating a steak that had been prepared for us and you could tell that it was very expensive meat. It was about that thick. You could tell that it really was expensive. It was tender. You could almost cut it with a fork. As I'm eating this steak, I'm thinking to myself, this could be one of the best steaks I've ever eaten, except it's not. If they knew what I put on steaks, I mean, this steak had incredible potential. But you hear somebody say a steak is a steak is a steak. No, no, no. That's something I want to tell you about me. I do cook a mean steak. My son-in-laws think I'm the best in the world. Of course, I'm paying for all of it. But you see, I know some secret ingredients because you can do a lot to that steak to enhance the flavor; Allegro and Cavenders. I'm not going to tell you all my secrets, but you marinate those things and I mean, you can do something with them.
Here's what I want you to understand: favor gives divine flavor to your life. That's what God's favor does. It gives divine flavor to your life. It enhances your life so that it's just not life, is a life, is a life. There's something extra, there's something special. There's a wow factor. That's what favor is all about. Everybody wants favor. Everybody enjoys favor. Everybody wants favor added to their lives. Would you do me favor – that's almost a world-wide expression. Do me a favor. I've been in some countries where, especially when you get out of this country and you ask somebody to do something for you, they say, "No problem." Could you do me favor? No problem. I can tell you that means problems usually. At least, everybody responds to do me a favor, but that's a....there are two kinds of favor: human favor and holy favor. Now, human favor reflects the qualities of man and it usually involves height and conditions; you favor me and then I will favor y ...

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