by Fred Lowery

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The Favor of God (5 of 8)
Dr. Fred Lowery
Genesis 37:20-33; Genesis 41:29-57

Do you believe in the favor of God? Do you believe that God actually gives favor to certain people at certain times? I think most of you believe that. You believe that God does give favor, except not to you. God does give favor, but not to ordinary people, especially ornery people. So yes, God gives favor, but I'm not sure that He gives it to me. Is that what you are thinking? There are a couple of things that I want you to understand and get clearly in your mind. Number one is God's favor is not reserved for the giants of the faith. We all think of the luminaries of scripture, whether it be Moses, Joshua, Joseph, Ruth, Nehemiah, Mary, Paul or John. These luminaries we know God granted favor to. But we know that we are not luminaries of scriptures or even the giants of our day be it a Billy Graham, Bill Bright,or Mother Teresa. Let's just say a word about Billy Graham. Think of a man who has touched the world who now is continuing to preach well beyond the years that most people even live, although he suffers from all kinds of health problems. Just ask yourself the question: is Billy Graham the greatest intellect that you have ever encountered? Does he preach the greatest sermons that you've ever heard preach? Did he have a perfect family? Did he have perfect children? Did he have a perfect home? How can you explain Billy Graham, his ministry around the world? I tell you one way; the favor of Almighty God. It's God's sovereign favor that He chose to bless this man. So we know that God favors people and that He favored the giants of the faith. But I want you to know something else. God's favor is not reserved for the gifted of the flock. Because you know you're not a luminary in scripture and you know you are not one of the giants of the faith, perhaps like a Billy Graham or a Mother Teresa, but maybe you're not even a leader in the church. You say I know that ...

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