by Fred Lowery

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A Dreamer Who Received God's Favor (3 of 8)
Series: The Favor of God
Dr. Fred Lowery
Genesis 37:1-11

You know, I was thinking early this morning that, we talk about waiting on God for this and waiting on God for that, and here's the thought that hit me this morning: we never wait on God to give us the best things in life. He waits on us to get in a position to receive them. God wants to bless us more than we want to be blessed. God wants to grace us more than we want to be graced. God wants to favor us more than we want to be favored. So the problem is not ever on God's side. It's always on our side because the biggest and the best dreams in your heart have been put there by your precious heavenly Father. Everything God does, He does on purpose. He always has a purpose. God has a purpose for your life that is bigger than you've ever imagined and He's waiting on you to get into a position to do what He wants to do, what He's planned to do in your life. You see, some people think because they've messed up in this area or they haven't done this or that, then God is going to put them over on the edge and they are not going to ever get in on what God really wants to do in their life. I don't believe the Bible backs that up. I think God is bigger than your failures, He is bigger than the failures of your parents. God is bigger than culture, He's bigger than the critics, He's bigger than the courts. God can do anything He wants to do in your life. He's waiting on you to get a position to receive what He wants to give you and to be the instrument through whom He can work without hesitation or without instruction.
We are talking about the favor of God and we are using the story of Joseph as Exhibit A of the favor of God because here is a man who experienced the favor of God in incredible ways. In this amazing story we follow his God-given dreams from the pits to the prison to the palace. As somebody said, he goes from the outhouse to the penthouse ...

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