by Fred Lowery

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Favor of God (1 of 8)
Dr. Fred Lowery
Genesis 4:3-5; Genesis 6:8-9; Luke 1:25; Luke 1:30; Luke 2:52; 2 Corinthians 6:2; Luke 4:18-19; 1 Peter 4:10

I love basketball and Leigh and I really get into March Madness. You probably didn't even know that I loved basketball. I played a lot of basketball. In fact, I played all the way through grades seven and eight before they discovered that I didn't need to pursue that. But I love basketball and so Leigh and I really get involved in March Madness. Of course it was fun to watch Northwestern, our own Mike McConnathy. It was really fun to watch LSU dismantle ‘Number One C' Duke and to take down Texas last night. I had to see part of that game and then tevo it until after a wedding. I finished it last night. Now to see them go to the final four....Leigh and I went to the final four in Tampa, Florida. It was something we just always wanted to do; go to the final four. We didn't know how you got to do that so I got on the internet and found out about the lottery which is not a favorite word for a Baptist preacher, but you had to, you know, sign up and get in the lottery for the possibility to get a ticket. So we got tickets. We went to the final four in Tampa, Florida. The couple we were sitting by had been trying to get tickets for 11 years. We tried the first time and got them. So that is just an illustration of the Favor of God. He was good. He knew we wanted to see the final four and we got to see that. Then we ordered tickets again and got them again. We had a crisis that kept us from going and Ky and Christy went. I wished I could tell you I had tickets now because I would sell them to you because the price is going to be high, I guarantee you, for these LSU fans.
This morning I could talk about Big Baby Davis or Tyrus Thomas, but I want to talk to you about Jason. It took four minutes for this high school senior, Jason McElwain, to morph from an unknown, just a manager of a high school bas ...

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