by Johnny Hunt

Three Sources of Encouragement in the Work
Johnny Hunt
Acts 18:1-11
September 3, 2006

INTRODUCTION: Everyone needs encouragement in the work of our Lord. Just think of the different sources the Lord seems to use to encourage us. He uses:

• The Scriptures
A passage that seems pattern-made for me

• Sources Provided by Christian Authors
Oswald Chambers, David Jeremiah, Charles Spurgeon

• The Saints
Some dear brother or sister in Christ, by their words or a
note/email, etc.

• The Spirit of God
Just the blessed presence of God

• The Savior Himself
Times I feel I can reach out and touch Him

One thing is for sure, there are times in our lives that we all need encouragement. Charles Spurgeon, in his book, The Minister's Fainting Fits, "Good men are promised tribulation in this world, and ministers may expect a larger share than others, that they may learn sympathy with the Lord's suffering people, and so may be fitting shepherds of an ailing flock."

Anyone can go through tough times of discouragement.
Warren Wiersbe tells the story of a man shoveling snow from his driveway when two boys, carrying snow shovels, approached him. "Shovel your snow, Mister?" one of them asked. "Only $2.00 dollars!" Puzzled, the man replied, "Can't you see that I'm doing it myself?" "Sure," said the enterprising lad, "that's why we asked. We get most of our business from people who are half through and feel like quitting!"

Charles Spurgeon used to remind his congregation, "By perseverance, the snail reached the ark."

Raymond Edman, of Wheaton College, used to tell his students, "It's always too soon to quit."

The Apostle Paul did not escape the times of discouragement. He is not far from finishing up his second missionary journey and it has been one tough assignment.

As soon as he reached the Greek mainland of Macedonia, he was confronted with a demon-possessed girl; her healing led to a riot, he and Silas were beaten an ...

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