by Chuck McAlister

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The Christian's Certainties (22 of 22)
Series: What's Real And What's Not ( I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 5: 18-21


(A) John ... Been There --- Done That ... SERIES: WHAT'S REAL AND WHAT'S NOT!
1- The ministry of Jesus ... the miracles of Jesus ... the cross ... the Resurrection ... Birth of the church ... expansion of the church ... writing of God's Word ... John was there!
2- The future ... Antichrist ... one world government ... Second Coming of Jesus ... Millennium ... great white throne judgment ... the New Jerusalem and heaven ... John was there!
* 60 or more years after the crucifixion ... John living in Ephesus as an old man ... writes the final books of God's Word!
* John -- Qualified to tell us WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT'S NOT!

(B) John completes the final word to the church with those things that a child of God can be CERTAIN about.
1- John has shown us what is real and what is not!
2- His purpose -- to unmask the unreal and to reveal the real.
3- He has told us how to spot false prophets, deceivers and children of the devil.
4- He has also told us how to emphasize love, obedience, and truth in our lives ... so that we can experience reality!
a- He has encouraged us to continue to mature in God's love so that we can become "an overcomer"!
b- The believers who press on ----- are for real!
* This same book .... that reveals the unreal gives confidence to the real Christians.

(C) The word "know" ....... used 39 times in I John!
1- It is used 7 times in vs.13-21!
2- vs. 13-21 ..... John's conclusion to his letter.

3- To show that Christians have a great deal of CERTAINTY.
* God wants us to be CERTAIN of some things ..... Life isn't a guessing game.
* In a world where people know so little for sure ....... the CERTAINTIES in God's Word are revolutionary.

(D) John concludes his letter by showing us the 6 things that we can be CERTAIN of as Christians:
(Saw th ...

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