by Chuck McAlister

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The Security Of Real Love (17 of 22)
Series: What's Real And What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 4: 13-16


(A) John ... Been There --- Done That ... SERIES: WHAT'S REAL AND WHAT'S NOT!
1- The ministry of Jesus ... the miracles of Jesus ... the Cross ... the Resurrection ... Birth of the church ... expansion of the church ... writing of God's Word ... John was there!
2- The future ... Antichrist ... one world government ... Second Coming of Jesus ... Millennium ... Great White Throne Judgment ... the New Jerusalem and heaven ... John was there!
* 60 or more years after the crucifixion ... John living in Ephesus as an old man ... writes the final books of God's Word!
* John --- Qualified to tell us WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT'S NOT!

(B) John has 3 themes that run throughout his letter: LOVE, OBEDIENCE , and TRUTH!
1- Each time he returns to one of these themes ... he takes us more deeply into it.
2- Tonight ... we revisit the theme ..... LOVE!
3- We've been here before:
I John 2: 7-11 ... THE SOURCE OF REAL 2:7 ... Real love originated with God ... was introduced to the world by Jesus and is the source from which the Christian draws both his assurance of salvation and his purpose for living.
I John 3: 11-18 ... THE SCORNING OF REAL LOVE... read 3: 10-11 ... Children of the devil do not display real love because they have not experienced God's love ... In fact, they hate those who have experienced God's love!

I John 4: 7-12 ... THE SIGNS OF REAL LOVE ... read 4: 8 and 12 ... Only by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and by adjusting your life to show God's love to His people can you experience real love.
4- Tonight ... John reveals to us ... THE SECURITY OF REAL LOVE!

A little girl had been passed from one orphanage to another. She was very shy and felt rather unattractive. The other children would not play with her, and the teachers considered her a problem child.
In thi ...

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