by Chuck McAlister

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Real Assurance (14 of 22)
Series: What's Real And What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 3:19-24

(A) SERIES: What's Real and What's Not!
(1) John - seen it all ... The Ministry of Jesus... The cross...The Resurrection... The birth and expansion of the Church... The writing of the N.T... Even the future (exiled on Pathos)!
(2) Now John - an old man... living in Ephesus... The Holy Spirit leads him to write the final word to the church... to us believers! tell us what's real and what's not!
(3) He's told us... the real truth about:
1. Life - 1:1-4
2. Christianity - 1:5-10
3. Man's Dilemma - 2:1-2
4. Salvation - 2:3-6
5. Love - 2:7-11
6. Growing Spiritually - 2:12-14
7. The Believer's Challenge - 2:15-17
8. Imposters - 2:18-23;26
9. Protection From Imposters 2:24-27
10. Fellowship with the Father 2:28-29
11. Hope - 3:1-3
12. Sin - 3:4-10
13. The Children of the Devil - 3:11-18
(4) Today... John tells us how to have real assurance... Have you ever lacked confidence about your salvation? ... or whether or not you were doing God's Will?
* You can have real assurance... that you not only belong to the Lord, but that you are living in the center of His will.

-- Christopher Wren, who rebuilt St. Paul's Cathedral and much of London ... after the Great Fire of 1666, was invited to design a new town hall in Windsor. When he submitted his plans, a member of the corporation, or town council, insisted that the roof required better support and wanted extra pillars to be added. In vain did Wren, the greatest architect in the realm, argue. He also managed to spread alarm throughout the community and succeeded in pressuring Wren to add the supports.
-- Many years later, when both the artist and his pat ...

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