by Chuck McAlister

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The Real Children Of The Devil (13 of 22)
Series: What's Real And What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 3:11-18


(A) SERIES: What's Real and What's Not!
1- John... seen it all ... The ministry of Jesus ...the cross... the resurrection ... the birth of the church ...
2- Even the future ... the book of Revelation.
3- Then he went to Ephesus ... began to write the final words to the church! .... I, II and III John -- God's final word to His church!

(B) John keeps returning to the same 3 topics ... or themes throughout his letter: LOVE, OBEDIENCE and TRUTH!
1- He doesn't just repeat these topics or themes ... each time we return to one of the themes, we look at it from a different VIEWPOINT.
2- We are taken more deeply into it!
3- While taking us back into these themes -- he also teaches us a powerful truth about some other aspect of the Christian life!
* Tonight -- we revisit the theme -- LOVE!
* John ... wants to show us how LOVE can be used as a diagnostic tool ... to tell the children of God from the children of the Devil!
* Read Vs. 10 -- 2 factors that identify the children of the Devil:
(1) They do not practice righteousness!
(2) They do not love the family of God!

(C) John expands on that last idea to show us how we can apply God's love to recognize those that are the children of the devil!

-- While a man dressed in a devil costume was walking to a Halloween costume party, it began to rain torrentially. The man ran for the first cover he could find.

-- It happened to be a church in the middle of a service. He ran directly into the sanctuary to the shock of all there.
-- The entire congregation panicked. All cleared the room, except for one unfortunate lady who was trapped beneath the feet of this confused fellow. With fear and trembling the woman pleaded, "You know, I've been on your side all along!"

(D) Who are the children of the devil? ... Are they th ...

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