by Chuck McAlister

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Sin And The Christian ... The Real Contradiction (12 of 22)
Series: What's Real And What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 3:4-10

INTRO: SERIES: What's Real and What's Not!

(A) John... writing the final books of the New Testament... I, II and III John.
1- John has seen the events of Jesus' earthly ministry... the cross... the tomb... the birth of the church... and the events of the future--from the tribulation to the Second Coming of Jesus!
2- John-- in the waning years of his life ... with this wealth of experience and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to write God's Word--writes to us to show us--What is Real and What's Not!

(B) John wants believers to understand a basic truth--SIN and the CHRISTIAN are INCOMPATIBLE... A Real Contradiction!

(C) One of the primary purposes of 1 John is to expose false teachers in the church by showing what is real and what isn't!
1-The false teachers of John's day were called Gnostics!
2-They held a view of sin that was heresy... but it is a view that is still popular today!
3-They believed that man was divided into 2 parts... the flesh and the spirit.
(a) They believed that the body was evil and that there's nothing anyone can do to change it!
(b) The spirit was totally detached from the body--so the spirit never had to suffer the consequences of sin.
(c) Therefore... they believed you might as well go ahead and fulfill the lusts of the body--sin all you want... it really won't effect you!
* That heresy is still around... in fact, you and I, if we're honest, have struggled with it.
* It is the attitude that subconsciously says, "Oh, I can go ahead and do this--after all, God will forgive me,-- so what does it matter?"
* But it is prevalent... that is why we make fun of sin... we joke about it... we call it more acceptable names: error, weakness, malfunction, psychological maladjustment, glandular disorder.
* We put new labels on old poison... not ...

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