by Chuck McAlister

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Real Protection From The Imposters (9 of 22)
Series: What's Real And What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 2:24-27

INTRO: SERIES: What's Real and What's Not!

(A) John ... the disciple that bridged the gap from the ministry of Jesus to the 1st Century Church.....He was at Calvary (entrusted with Jesus' Mother).....saw Jesus after Jesus was resurrected.....the birth of the church at Pentecost..... every book of God's Word in the NT written (OT already around).
1- If that weren't enough.....he ended up exiled to the Isle of Patmos (by Domitian).....where God revealed the future to Him: The Coming of the Antichrist to the Second Coming of Jesus to Heaven, itself.
2- Who is better qualified to tell us What's Real and What's Not!.....I John is the manual on how to survive in this world system while we await our future home!
3- One thing John wants us to understand.....there will be imposters.....those who appear to be Christians.... but they aren't!
4- Last week ... John told us "How to Spot A Real Imposter."
5- This week ... He tells us "How to Protect Ourselves from the Imposters! ... Look at: Real Protection From the Imposters!

- It is interesting to know that the American Banking Association has a training program to help bank tellers detect counterfeit bills. There is a two week training program in Washington, D.C. No one touches a counterfeit bill. They do not listen to long lectures denouncing counterfeit money. Instead the trainees handle only authentic currency day after day, hour after hour, until they are so familiar with the real thing that they cannot possibly be fooled. That is the apostolic approach to the spiritual counterfeits!

* The greatest protection from imposters is intimate knowledge of the genuine ... the real! ... Abiding with the real thing!

(B) vs. 26 .... John says he wrote what he wrote because the imposters want to seduce us!
1- Set in that context ... John shows us that Re ...

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