by Ernest Easley

The Bible and Baptism
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Mark 1:1-11
April 30, 2006

Now join me for a few minutes this morning in the gospel according to Mark. From Mark chapter 1 ... I want to talk to you this morning and next Sunday morning as well about The Bible and Baptism. What does the Bible say about baptism?

Today .. there's so much confusion and controversy about baptism. For instance ... perhaps you've prayed and invited Jesus into your life and asked Him to forgive you of all your sin and yet you've never experienced believer's baptism .. does that mean you're not a Christian?

Or perhaps you were christened as a baby. Are you going to Heaven based upon that event? Does that mean you've never been baptized?

What about those who were immersed at a young age but didn't really become a Christian until they were adults. Are they scripturally baptized?

And then there are those who say if baptism isn't required to be saved ... then why go to all the trouble and be baptized?

No wonder there's so much confusion and controversy when it comes to baptism. But you're going to find that baptism was important to Jesus and what's important to Him ought to be important to us! So .. from Mark 1 ... we're thinking today about ...

The Bible and Baptism
Mark 1.1-11

Now as we think about The Bible and Believer's Baptism ....the first thing we read about in Mark chapter 1 is ...

And who was practicing believer's baptism? A man named John. In fact .. he came to be called ''the one who baptizes'' or in short, ''The Baptist.''

Now beginning here in verse 4 .. we read about:
-John's activity. (v.4)

''John came baptizing in the wilderness and preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.'' John's activity involved baptizing and preaching. Now the baptism that John practiced was a baptism associated with repentance. Look again at verse 4, ''... a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.''


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