by Ernest Easley

Fatherhood Is for Real Men
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Ephesians 6:1-4
June 18, 2006

We're thinking this morning about Fatherhood! And from Ephesians 6 .. I want to show you how Fatherhood is for real men! Men .. it helps when we follow directions.

A father of five came home with a new toy and called his children to meet him in the den. Once they arrived he asked them which one of them should be given the present. Here's what he asked them, "Who is the most obedient and never talks back to Mother and does everything Mother says to do?" There was silence, then they all said together, "You play with it, Daddy" and they all walked out.

Sometimes it gets confusing when we give our children advice and set a bad example. One little kid wrecked his tricycle and came running in to his daddy and said, "Daddy, I've wrecked my tricycle. What's the word you say when you hit the golf ball bad?" Let me tell you something men: Fatherhood is for real men! Men that love God! Men that love the things of God! Men that love their wife! In fact .. the greatest thing a Father can do for his children is to love their mother!

God wants our children growing up in homes where their Father loves their Mother and their Mother loves their Father and both Father and Mother love God! And Fathers ... you are the key! If things are not right in your home .. chances are it's because you're not right!

In fact .. the word "Father" in the verb form means, "the founder .. to be the foundation .. to author." You Fathers are the authors of your home. And God wants you to author a home where Jesus is Lord ... where love and forgiveness prevails .. where the word of God is practiced ... and godliness is modeled! That's the kind of home God blesses with blessings!

Well on this Father's Day Sunday from Ephesians 6 .. I want to show you how
Fatherhood is for Real Men
Ephesians 6.1-4

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