by Ernest Easley

Sharing Jesus with Confidence
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 4:19-20
April 30, 2006

You may remember a few Sunday nights ago I shared with you .. what I called: The Big Picture. And by the way ... the audio of that message can be heard on our web sight at

In that message .. we talked about a couple of things: Our Philosophy of Ministry. I shared with you how back in Texas when I was praying about the possibility of coming to Roswell Street as pastor .. that God woke me up at 2:00 a.m. for a visit. How I took a folder and how God led me to write down the word T E A M.

I remember saying, "All right Lord, T E A M .. what now? And I began to write what became the Philosophy of Ministry here at Roswell Street Baptist Church.
T ..ogether in Purpose.
E ..xpanding our Perspective.
A .. ccepting our Place.
M .. aximizing our Potential.

Now in our time together .. I want to talk to you about the letter T .. Together in Purpose.

If we're to be "Together in Purpose" .. what is our purpose? Well ... the Bible mentions at least three: Exalting the Savior .. Equipping the Saints .. Evangelizing the Sinner. In other words ... when we get together .. when we talk about our ministries .. when we talk about our budget .. we want to make sure that what we do and what we spend is about Exalting the Savior .. or Exalting the Savior and Equipping the Saints .. or Equipping the Saints .. or Evangelizing the Sinner or Exalting the Savior .. Equipping the Saints .. and Evangelizing the Sinner.

Now in our time together .. I want us to think about Evangelizing the Sinner .. which is the result of Exalting the Savior and Equipping the Saints.

Take your Bible and join me in Acts 4. Peter and John had been arrested for preaching the resurrection of Jesus. We read in verse 4, "However, many of those who heard the word believed; and the number of the men came to be about five thousand."

Now Luke didn't say that "all of those ...

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