by Ernest Easley

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The Devil's Devices and the Saint's Defenses (2 of 3)
The Lion Roars as Deceiver
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
I Peter 5:8, Genesis 3:1-7
June 11, 2006

We are beginning a new series of messages tonight that I pray God will use to bring for you daily victory over your adversary the Devil. For this series of messages ... I want to encourage you to bring with you several things: First, your study Bible so that you can make specific notes in the margins. Second, a notepad so that you can make general notes for future reference. Third, somebody that you care about and here's why: because we're going to be learning from God's Word not only The Devil's Devices .. that is .. the schemes he uses to defeat and destroy us; we're also going to discover The Saints Defenses .. that is .. how we can defend ourselves against those schemes and live in victory!

Your Study Bible. Your notepad. And somebody that you care about. What we're going to be discovering during these Sunday nights needs to be shared with those that we care about.

The Devil's Devices and the Saints Defenses! Here is what Peter tells us about the Devil in 1 Peter 5.8, "Be sober (???????????? be calm and collected), be vigilant (???????????; be on the alert) because your adversary the devil (???????ò?????? down; ????????to throw) walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (???????????to gulp down, used of an animal swallowing its prey)."

We have an enemy .. an adversary who is out to throw us down! And of course I'm talking about Satan. But thank God we have an advocate who is out to lift us up! And of course I'm talking about Jesus! And "He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world" (1 Jn 4.4).

Now we are going to discover on these Sunday nights that our adversary uses four devices in attacking the saints of God: The Lion Roars as Deceiver .. The Lion Roars as Destroyer ... The Lion Roars as Accuser ... The Lion Roars as Ruler.

Deceiver .. Destroyer .. Ac ...

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