by Chuck McAlister

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What Is Real Living? (1 of 22)
Series: What's Real and What's Not (I John)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
I John 1:1-4

INTRO: NEW SERIES: What's Real and What's Not!

(A) People - searching for something real -- not new!

(B) Many people waste their lives on empty substitutes for reality!..... thrills, conquest, power, learning, achievement, religion.
1- That's where John and his book of I John come in.
2- Written centuries with theme that will be always up to date: What's Real and What's Not!

(C) John...old man living in Ephesus....70 or more years after Jesus had been crucified.
1- All other disciples...dead....martyred for their faith.
2- Rome had defeated the Jews....Blood bath under the Roman General Titus had left Jerusalem in shambles in AD 70.
3- The church which John had seen born at Pentecost had spread out over the entire world...John was the last charter member left.
4- Heresies began to invade the 3rd generation church:
a- Some said - Jesus was not really a man!
b- Others - Jesus was not really God!
* John felt compelled to deal with those heresies....all other books of the New Testament were written.
1- Wrote his gospel to the church.
2- Exiled to Patmos ... saw the future...
3- Many scholars believed he then came back to Ephesus ... and wrote Revelation and I John ...making it the last word from an apostle to the entire church.
* A letter from a man who has seen it all...from the earthly ministry of Jesus to His Heavenly Coronation in Revelation... when he speaks you'd better listen.
* He is the one who tells us: What's real and what's not!

* He speaks with authority.
* Begins by answering the question: What Is Real Living?

-Our artificial fixations may be best epitomized by the guy who tried to rid his house of mice.
-He bought a mousetrap but had no cheese. To remedy the problem he went to a magazine and cut out a picture of some cheese.

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