by Chuck McAlister

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Handling Conflict With Your Mate (2 of 5)
Series: Choosing Your Way To A Great Marriage
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 4:1

Series ...CHOOSING YOUR WAY TO A GREAT MARRIAGE … Discussing some of the daily choices that you and your mate must make to have a great marriage.

(A) Once you are making the right choices about your position in the marriage, what you are going to do as a husband or wife, then you must address how you are going to relate to each other ... ...What is your relationship going to be like?
1- Two individuals, sharing their lives as husband and wife, are eventually going to find themselves disagreeing.
* Have any of you ever disagreed with your mate? ...Have you ever watched that disagreement turn into a conflict? ...Sure, we all have!
* Have you ever watched a conflict in a couple's marriage escalate to the point of breaking the marriage apart, even resulting in divorce?
...We've seen that happen, too.

-- A sixth-grade teacher in California in an upper middle class community gave a creative writing assignment to her class. She began a statement with two words -- "I wish" -- then they were to finish the sentence. She thought the kids would say things like -- "I wish I had a bicycle ...or computer ...or could go to Hawaii." To her surprise, when she received the assignment back from the students, 20 out of 30 talked about the family ...all wishing for things in the family to be better. Here are some of their responses --
> "I wish my parents wouldn't fight and I wish my father would come back."
> "I wish my mother didn't have a boyfriend."
> "I wish I could get straight A's so my father would love me."
> "I wish I had one Mom and one Dad so the kids wouldn't make fun of me. I have 3 Moms and 3 Dads and they botch up my life."

* The breakup of marriages is causing a lot of pain.

-- "Marriage and Divorce" magazine reports that nearly one out of every two marriages end in divorce. So-called C ...

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