by Stan Coffey

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God’s Construction Crew (1 of 3)
Series: Count Me In
Stan Coffey

If you have your Bible this morning, I want to invite you attention to Nehemiah, chapter 2. When you get to heaven, Nehemiah is going to walk up to you and say, "Did you read my book?" You can at least be able to say, "Not all of it, but I read some of it in church one Sunday morning.

Some years ago, I taught an entire series on the book of Nehemiah and it was a blessing to my heart. I want to return to that book today and speak on the subject "God’s Construction Crew."

You know the Lord wants us all to be builders. We are building a family home, the home of our family, our Christian home and then we are building our church home, the home of our faith. The Lord Jesus is building our heavenly home, the home of our future. God wants us to be builders.

You have a business to build. You have a life to build as a child of God and so you are a part of God’s construction crew. I don’t know of any greater privilege than to be on God’s construction crew and be a part of building the great work of God.

The exciting thing is that any person in this place can be an important part, not just a part but a vital, important part of God’s construction crew.

Nehemiah, in about 445 BC, was very important in the kingdom of Persia, having been taken there as a captive into Babylonian captivity and he rose to a place of prominence and power. Then he heard news from his homeland of Jerusalem, how the gates of the city of Jerusalem had been torn down, had been burned with fire and how the walls were in shambles. When Nehemiah heard that it touched his heart because, you see, the walls around the city of Jerusalem represented God’s eternal plan of salvation for His people. The gates represented the praise of God for His people. "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and enter His courts with psalm."

So, Nehemiah, having heard about the terrible condition of the walls of the city of Jerusalem and h ...

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