by Robert Walker

Prayer Turns Weakling Disciples Into Witnessing Disciples
Robert Walker
Acts 4:31-35

D. L. Moody, in his day, went to England on vacation. It was Sunday a.m. and he visited a large church in London, but it was a cold, dead church.

Moody visited this large but dead church in London. The pastor prevailed upon him to preach there in all services…he didn’t want to, but agreed to anyway. He preached, and later said that they were so unresponsive, it was all he could do to get thru the morning message.

Then it occurred to him that he’d have to endure the same thing that night, when he’s supposed to be on vacation. He dreaded it all afternoon!

But behind the scenes, something was going on. An elderly woman that morning went home to her invalid sister, and told her about Moody being there. Her eyes lit up, for she had been praying that God would send Moody to England.

"Put lunch away, we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon in prayer and fasting," she said. And they did.

Moody said he stood up that night before the people, and he could tell something was different. It was alive and the electricity of the power of God…you could feel it in the air.

He preached with unexplained liberty, gave the invitation to rise if they wanted to be saved. 500 stood to their feet.

Shocked, he thought maybe they had misunderstood. "Be seated," he said. Now, I’m saying, stand up if… 500 again stood. It was the beginning of what became one of the greatest revivals that ever swept England.

The reason this happen was that 2 old ladies, 1 bed-ridden, said, we don’t need more organization or activities, we need the power of God on this place…and they paid the price in prayer!


One by one those gathered in the room fall to their knees. Human hopelessness leads you all to seek the God of all hope. Your fears compel you to speak to your heavenly Father, whose perfect love casts out all fear.

In the middle of a dark and dangerous moment, the on ...

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