by Robert Walker

Divine Optometry
Acts 9:18
Robert Walker

CS Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, describes God’s pursuit of him in his autobiography.

He compares God’s pursuit… “…to the great Angler playing his fish, to a cat chasing a mouse, to a pack of hounds closing in on a fox, and finally to the divine chess player maneuvering him into the most disadvantageous positions until in the end he concedes ‘checkmate’.”

I guess Saul must have identified with CS Lewis and concedes “checkmate”.

In a little town a factory worker , lazy man never satisfied in his job, always seeks lame excuses to get holiday so many times he put the drops of liquid from a tree that made his eyes blood red telling his manager that he was suffering of eye sickness to get a days leave.

He got success in getting leave many times but soon his eyes lost sight because of the tree liquid. His ignorance made him blind.

Blindness is indeed a great tragedy. To be unable to see the beauties of this world
is bad enough but to be unable to see the true beauties which God has prepared for
those who love Him is far worse!

There are millions in this world who have been blinded by the prince of this world, Satan.

Their spiritual eyes have been blinded so
that they are unable to see the light of the gospel and believe the lord Jesus Christ. They may have perfect physical eyesight, but as far as eternity is concerned, they are blind.
Jesus is the only healer of the spiritually blind. The way to receive spiritual sight, is to confess sin, receive pardon and grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and be saved unto life eternal through his atoning power.

It is true, that the source of all light is Jesus! He is the light that brings life to the world. He is the light that leads to eternal life!

Divine optometry is about to be performed by the Great Physician. On the Emmaus sojourners, it was said, “Their eyes were opened and they knew Him.”

Well friend that is exactly wha ...

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