by Ken Trivette

Grace: The Price of Our Freedom
Series: How God Works in Your Life
Ken Trivette
Ephesians 1:7-8

INTRODUCTION: One of the worst evils in the history of humanity was slavery. In the first century world in the Roman Empire, there were more than 6 million people who were regarded as slaves. One in five people served as a slave. Therefore, one of the most productive economic businesses at the time of this writing was the buying and selling of slaves. How were these slaves able to be set free?

For example: If you had a loved one or a friend who was a slave, you would have to buy that slave for yourself and then give him freedom, granting to him a written certificate of it at the same time. In the various cities and towns in the Roman Empire, slave markets were common. At this spot, daily you could have witnessed the buying and selling of slaves. This is why the New Testament is filled with images and references of slavery. Understanding slavery in the first century world is necessary to bring full light upon our text today

Prior to being called to salvation by the Holy Spirit and our answering that call, the Word of God informs us that we were slaves. It teaches us that sin was our master and we were only able to do that which sin would lead us to do. In this, we were in spiritual bondage with our destination being separation from God in a place called hell. We were just like those slaves in the first century world. We were in need for someone to come to the marketplace, purchase us, grant us freedom and give us a certificate that verified our freedom.

T. S.: This was your condition before you received Christ. If you are here today and have never received Christ, you are in that marketplace in need for someone to set you free spiritually. There was a high price for our spiritual freedom. It was grace. God's love given to undeserving men and women. Therefore, today I want to talk to you about, Grace: The Price of Our Freedom. There are two spiritual blessin ...

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