by Johnny Hunt

Characteristics of Christian Growth - Part 3 (3 of 3)
Johnny Hunt
2 Peter 1:5-6
June 11, 2006

INTRODUCTION: “There is a lie that Satan continues to propagate today with signal success in the hearts of countless people. It is the notion that by giving themselves back to the God who made them, and by submitting themselves to His sovereignty, they will be robbed of that liberty which makes life really worth living.”
Ian Thomas

The Lord Jesus Christ wants so very much to replace, by His presence within you, all your inherent potential for evil under the influence of the flesh. He offers you instead all His limitless potential for good through the energy and power of His indwelling Holy Spirit.

What is so completely amazing is that God is prepared to be God in you – not figuratively, but factually. You can actually share His life and be transformed into His likeness.

This is what is taught in His Word; the absolute truth. However, we in the 21st Century are so influenced by moral relativism, according to the research of Thom Rainer. 65% from the Builders Generation (born 1927-1945) are Bible-based believers who embrace absolute truth. For the Boomers
Buster Generation (born 1965 to 1983), it drops even lower to a dismal 16% who believe in absolute truth. However, for the Bridgers or Millennial Generation (born 1984 and later), only 4% believe in absolute truth.

It is still true that our belief determines our behavior.
Christianity is often a moment of enthusiasm when the wonder of Christianity is realized, and then a failure to work out the Christian life in continuous progress.

The Apostle Peter commences his God-honoring challenge with these words, “But also for this very reason.” This causes us to look back to the PAST. Because of all the God-given blessings mentioned in vv.3-4, the believer cannot be indifferent or self-satisfied. Such an abundance of divine grace ca ...

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