by Chuck McAlister

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Finding Rest With God (4 of 10)
Series: God’s Perfect 10 (10 Commandments)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Exodus 20: 8-11


(A) Series ... GOD’S PERFECT 10 (The Ten Commandments) ... God’s blueprint for a healthy society! ....
... a healthy life!
1- If America would get back to these Commandments ..... we could solve the problems in our society ..... from Abortion to crime to welfare.
2- These Commandments are also the basics of a righteous life ... they do not represent spiritually mature behavior .... The spiritually mature will keep these Commandments as a basic minimum.
3- These are the basic behavioral guidelines from which you start to build spiritual maturity!

(B) 4th Commandment --- closes first section of 10 Commandments - talking about our relationship with God.
1st Commandment: Who God is
2nd Commandment: Worship is how we approach God
3rd Commandment: Our Attitude toward God (seen in words we speak) ....
... How we handle His Name.
4th Commandment ..... Longest of the Commandments.
1- Most often broken ...... least regarded ..... yet one of the most important!
2- Man looks at this Commandment -- appears to be trivial.
3- But it is important to the Lord .......

-- William Wilberforce .... early years of 19th century, a member of Great Britain’s parliament.
..... A committed Christian ---- outspoken about slavery ... opposed to it ..... Believed God had called him to right this wrong.
..... Took him 20 years to build a coalition to get slavery outlawed.
..... During that 20 years, he was given the opportunity to become a cabinet member on the Prime Minister’s cabinet.
.....This was a great leap in his career; he could have ultimately become the Prime minister.
.....He faced a major decision: Stay and fight slavery or go to the Prime Minister’s cabinet.
.... He wrote in his journals: “I had risings of ambition in ...

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