by Chuck McAlister

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Do Not Take God Lightly (3 of 10)
Series: God's Perfect 10 (10 Commandments)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Exodus 20:7


(A) Series ...... GOD'S PERFECT 10..... If America would get back to these 10 simple commandments, we could solve the problems in our society: Abortion, AIDS, teen pregnancies, suicide, crime, violence, our deficit, the welfare system.
1- These are not only the blueprint for a healthy society, but they are also the basics of a righteous life ... How to live your life.
2- These Commandments do not represent spiritually mature behavior ........ These are the basic behavioral guidelines from which you start to build spiritual maturity.
a- 1st Commandment: Who God is!
b- 2nd Commandment: How God is Approached:
Created to Worship
c- 3rd Commandment: Personal: Our Attitude toward God.
3- What you say -- indicates how you feel about God -- also indicates your character.
4- Jesus: ''... out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.'' Matt. 12:34b
(What's down the well comes up in the bucket)
5- Show me how you speak about God ..... Show you the truth about your relationship to God .... and the truth about your character.

(B) 3rd Commandment ..... Abuse of the Name of God ..... It forbids the unjustified use of God's Name.
... God's names ... define your relationship with God and God's character.
1- This Commandment tells us not to take God lightly.
2- God is the answer to your greatest need!
a- Getting closer to God by learning His names:
-- Elohim ... Creator ... My need for a purpose.
-- Adonai ... Master ... My need for significance.
-- El Elyon and El Shaddai ... Almighty God ... My need for power.
-- Jehovah and Jehovah Jireh ... The Lord Who is Present and Provides ... My immediate needs.
-- Jehovah Rophe ... The Lord Who Heals ... The answer to my hurt.
-- Jehovah M'Kiddish and Jehovah Shalom ... The Lord My Sanctification and Peace ... The answer to my need for peace.
-- Jehovah Tsidkenu ... The Lord Our ...

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