by Chuck McAlister

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Life-Changing Worship (2 of 10)
Series: God’s Perfect 10 (10 Commandments)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Exodus 20: 4-6


(A) Series ... GOD’S PERFECT 10 ... THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ..... If America would get back to these 10 simple commandments, we could solve the problems in our society: Abortion, AIDS, teen pregnancies, suicide, crime, violence, our deficit, the welfare system.
1- These are not only the blueprint for a healthy society, but they are also the basics of a righteous life.
2- These are not the 10 Suggestions for Religious living......They are the 10 Commandments for Righteous Living.
a- These do not represent spiritually mature behavior.
b- These are the basic behavioral guidelines from which you start to build spiritual maturity ... the basics on HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE.
* Ironic .... The Courts have ruled that it is unconstitutional for the 10Commandments to be displayed in our nation’s classrooms ... or even our courts of law.
* Yet the 10 Commandments acted as the basis for the Constitution of our nation.
* No wonder we have such behavior problems.
c- The 10 Commandments are the elementary basics of behavior that precede being Spirit- filled .... HOW TO LIVE LIFE.
d- God’s statement of grace -- God delivered the children of Israel from Egypt:
(1) Blood of Passover Lamb .... rep. Salvation.
(2) Passing through Red Sea ....rep. Baptism.
(3) Gave them the 10 Commandments ... represent basic behavior to take us to being Spirit-filled.
(4) Land of Promise ..... rep. The Spirit-filled life.
e- 10 Commandments --- the basics.
3- 1st Commandment ........... The Author --- God Almighty!
... 2nd Commandment ...How to approach God ...WORSHIP!

(B) Why were you created? What is the most important thing that you can do with your life? Why did God send His Son to save you?
1- One purpose ...... WORSHIP.
2- What about service? .........Cre ...

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