by Ernest Easley

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The Error of Balaam (4 of 5)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Jude 11
February 19, 2006

As you are turning to the New Testament book of Jude ... hopefully by now .. you are beginning to understand why God included this 25 verse book in the Bible! It is a book of warning .. warning us to be on our guard for apostates within the fellowship of the church.
An apostate is a church member but not a member of THEE church because they have no relationship with God. They may be church people .. but they are not Jesus people. Jude describes them in verse 4 as "ungodly men." They leave God out of their life .. out of their decisions .. out of their plans ... out of their priorities. That explains why they have no excitement about the things of God. They have no hunger for the word of God. They have no love for the people of God.
You won't find an apostate tithing and giving money toward a Kingdom project because they've got more important things to do with their money. Apostates .. according to Jude .. are grumblers, complainers .. they walk according to their own lusts .. they are sensual people rather than spiritual people. And Satan infiltrates the church of Jesus Christ with them to divide and disrupt the fellowship in order to derail the building of God's Kingdom.
Now look with me to verse 11. Last Sunday .. Jude introduced us to three Old Testament apostates. And without exception .. all three of them tried to substitute their religion for the truth of the gospel.
Verse 11, "Woe to them!" I received an email this week from one of our members who wanted to help me in my sermon preparation. It seems that there were some aspiring psychiatrists from various colleges attending their first class and the professor was lecturing on emotional extremes.
The professor stood up and asked one of the students from a major urban university, "What is the opposite of joy?" The student said, "that would be sadness." "Correct", said the professo ...

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