by Ernest Easley

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The Way of Cain (3 of 5)
Ernest L. Easley
Jude 11

Now join me in the fifth and final one-chapter books in the Bible: the book of Jude! This 25 verse book is the longest of the one chapter books, yet I'm afraid it's the least known. If you'd be honest ... you probably know more about ''Hey Jude'' from the Beatles, than you do about ''Brother Jude'' from the Bible!

Let me tell you why the book of Jude is important to RSBC: it is because Jude is a book of warning to the church! Jude sounds an alarm, alerting us to a dangerous and divisive problem in the church. The problem of apostasy.

That is, those within the fellowship who know the Word of God but do not know the God of the Word. They have head knowledge that's never reached their hearts. They are church people, not Jesus people. They are apostates! They look saved. And we want to believe that they are saved, but they are not. That's why they eventually defect from the faith. And in the process, they rip and ruin the body of Christ.

An apostate is somebody who at one time claimed to be saved, but he never repented of his sin and received Jesus as his savior and Lord. An apostate is a lost church member. And Jude describes them throughout these 25 verses.

-they come in unnoticed. Verse 4, ''For certain men have crept in unnoticed.'' Like an alligator that slips into the water from the bank that goes unnoticed ... the apostate slips into the church.

-the are ungodly. Verse 4b, ''ungodly men'', that is, they leave God out of their life. There is no worship of God because there is no relationship with God. That explains why they have no excitement about the things of God, no desire to walk with God, no hunger for the word of God, no desire to be a witness for Jesus, no interest in doing whatever it takes to bring people to Jesus: they are apostates.

-they are unbridled. Verse 4c, ''who turn the grace of our God into lewdness.'' This word ''lewdness'' means unbridled. They are ...

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