by Ernest Easley

Where Financial Freedom Begins
Ernest L. Easley
Malachi 3:6-12

We have recently learned from God's Word how God wants to bless our families. That's one reason He gave us the Ten Commandments! Those commandments or guidelines teach us how to build godly lives and godly homes in order for us to experience God's blessing on our families.

But did you know that God not only wants to bless our families, He wants to bless our finances? Well, He does! And that's why God has so much to say to us about money. In fact, in the New Testament, of the 38 parables of Jesus, 16 of them are about money! Jesus had more so say about money than prayer!

So when you consider your finances today, would you say that you're experiencing God's blessing or God's curse? Are you experiencing financial freedom or financial bondage? I read a recent study that revealed that ''giving is an important criteria of mental health. Generous people are rarely mentally ill!'' That may explain a lot!

Well, for the sake of you mental health and your spiritual health, I want to talk to you today about finding financial freedom! I want to show you from God's Word how you can experience God's blessing and how to avoid God's curse when it comes to your money.

Frankly, I wouldn't be your friend unless I told you what God says about your possessions and money. I want you to experience God's best and God's blessing and I know that until you understand God's way to financial freedom, that you're going to remain in financial bondage.

We're going to begin in the OT book of Malachi chapter 3. Financial freedom begins with obedience to God's word and when it comes to money, that means tithing! Many people don't need to pray to receive God's blessing, they need to tithe! When it comes to giving, the average Christian is more of a tipper than a tither!

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