by Chuck McAlister

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Beware the Pretender (25 of 28)
Series: Success: What Is It and How Can I Have It?
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Joshua 22

-One night before a church service at which hundreds were present, Jim Vaus, an electronics expert who once worked for Mickey Cohen and syndicated crime, wired microphones in several spots around the church. At the end of the service, he told the congregation that he had recorded several conversations from all parts of the church and would play them back the next night.

-When the service was over, several men approached Vaus and offered to buy the tapes. They didn't want words uttered privately played back publicly. Later Vaus discovered that he did not have the switch on so none of it was on tape anyway.

(A) Do you mean there are people in the church who say things privately that they would not want to be revealed publicly?
1- Yes .... but why?
2- Because there are some people who are in the church who are going through the motions .... they are pretenders!

(B) The children of Israel .... fighting to gain control of the Promised Land.
1- The war .... for the most part is over!
2- Still pockets of resistance .... groups of Canaanites to be defeated!
3- These are to be handled by each of the tribes as they move in to occupy their inheritance.

(C) The time has come for the tribes to part and move into their inheritance .... including the 2½ tribes (Reuben, Gad, and ½ tribe of Manasseh) who will go back to the other side of the Jordan!
1- They're going back to the wilderness!
2- These tribes .... as God's people were moving through the wilderness to approach the Promised Land, these 2½ tribes decided they wanted an inheritance in the wilderness.

3- But Moses made them promise that they would enter the Promised Land with the other tribes and help them secure it, then they could go back to the wilderness.
4- Joshua later held them to that promise .... Surely, when they fought for the land ... helped win the land .... traveled th ...

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