by Robert Walker

The Soul of the Gospel
Robert Walker
I Timothy 1:15

Thomas Bilney took the message of our text and gave it to everyone, and one of the people converted through what Bilney told him became the mightiest evangelist of his age, Hugh Latimer.

Subsequently they both were burned alive chained to the stake because of their loyalty to these words of Paul. So you can see how important these simple verses are for a grasp of true Christianity. Many from the time of the apostle Paul have been converted through believing them.

I Timothy 1:15 contains "the very soul of the Gospel." It contains God's message for mankind, for people everywhere; and incidentally it is God's message for these very days of need in which we are living.

Can anyone question that we are living in days of need. In every direction the need is apparent-internationally, nationally, morally, spiritually and individually.

What wonderful yet terrible days these are. Has God anything to say to this age and generation? Is there any word from the Lord? Yes, God's word for this age and time is that, "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." The message is 2000 years old and yet it is up-to-date, appropriate and applicable, and it does not need changing.

It is the very message that we all need. Notice, to begin with, that the apostle tells us three things about God's message:-

1. What God says is Authentic. He says, "This is a faithful saying. It is a reliable saying, it is absolutely true and you can depend upon it.

Probably this is one of the greatest things worth knowing. - That God has given us a word upon which we can rely. We never need to entertain any doubts about it.
Here is a trustworthy saying." Some teach false doctrines, myths and endless genealogies (vv. 3&4). Others have wandered away and turned to meaningless talk (v.6). But here is something utterly different, words that are totally trustworthy.
They have all the truth of God himself behind them. The Lord ...

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