by James Merritt

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Series: Homeland Security
James Merritt
Exodus 20:13


If you ever travel to Florida on vacation you don't have to look very long until you will see license plates with the message ''Choose Life.'' [Tim- see if you can put a picture of the tag on screen] Several years ago, Marion County Commissioner, Randy Harris, was driving behind a vehicle with a specialty license plate, when he envisioned a Choose Life specialty license plate. It took a while for this to finally get through the legislature and for a republican governor to sign it into law. When it was approved, the license plate took off.

Since November of 1999, the Choose Life license plate has become the tenth best selling specialty tag in the state of Florida. In the intervening period has raised over $3 million dollars for the pro-life movement. It continues to raise $70,000 dollars a month. It goes to help maternity homes, pregnancy care centers and certain non-profit adoption agencies.

You could take the four words of the sixth commandment that are stated negatively and basically state them positively in these same two words - Choose Life - and you would understand what this commandment is all about.

In the Hebrew language it is just two words literally translated, ''no murder.'' In the Hebrew language there are nine different words that can be translated ''kill''. God passed over eight other words that mean things like: ''to kill'', ''to slaughter,'' or ''to sacrifice.'' He bypassed all of them and chose the word ''ratsach'' which means ''murder.'' It always means murder. The best translation of this verse is simply ''You shall not murder.''

If you are like me you are tempted to think that God needlessly burned one of the Ten Commandments and wasted it on something that is obvious. Surely, this is one commandment that did not need to be chiseled in stone. Every civilized society in history has condemned the cold-blooded, premeditated taking of an i ...

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