by Chuck McAlister

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Growing Your Most Important Relationship (16 of 23)
Series: A FAITH THAT WORKS (James)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 4: 4-10


1- James .... the 1st Book written in the New Testament ....The Manual on Maturity.
2- It is all about how to grow up as a Christian.
3- James shows us The Marks of Christian Maturity --
a- Chapter 1 .... The 1st Mark is: Your Perseverance!
b- Chapter 2 .... The 2nd Mark is: Your Practice!
c- Chapter 3 .... The 3rd Mark is: Your Power !
d- Chapter 4 .... The 4th Mark is: Your Peace!
.... James has shown us that our peace is disrupted by conflict .... That ultimately all conflict comes from someone's conflict with the Lord!
* Today .... James shows us how to enhance the peace in our lives .... by giving attention to the most important relationship we can have -- Our Relationship with The Lord!
* The peace in your life is in direct proportion to the closeness of your relationship with the Lord.
-- In fact .... The only way a believer can truly mature is to grow closer to our Lord Jesus -- That is what maturing, growing up as a Christian, is all about!

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