by Chuck McAlister

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Conquering Conflict (15 of 23)
Series: A FAITH THAT WORKS (James)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 4:1-8


1- James .... the 1st Book written in the New Testament .... The Manual on Maturity.
2- It is all about how to grow up as a Christian.
3- James shows us The Marks of Christian Maturity --
a- Chapter 1 .... The 1st Mark is: Your Perseverance ....
b- Chapter 2 .... The 2nd Mark is: Your Practice ....
c- Chapter 3 .... The 3rd Mark is: Your Power ....
d- Chapter 4 .... The 4th Mark is: Your Peace ....
.... James deals immediately with this mark -- He doesn't beat around the buck .... He goes straight to the point ....
.... By dealing with the very issue that disrupts our peace -- Conflict!
* A mature Christian will learn to conquer conflict .... within himself and with those around him .... and with God!

(B) We live in a world of conflict!

-- In 5,600 years of recorded history .... there have been approximately 15,000 wars! .... An average of nearly 3 wars every year of human history .... War is a fact of life!

1- So is conflict between people .... even within the church!

-- Church .... in Georgia .... Bible Study .... Book of Genesis ... discussion over whether or not Adam & Eve had navels ....
-- Conflict erupted in church .... split .... one group pulled out and started -- The Navelite Baptist Church!

-- Mayfield, KY .... There is a church named The Antipeg Baptist Church .... It seems there was a church .... 2 leaders .... 1 decided to put a peg at the back of the church for the pastor to hang his hat on .... He didn't consult the other leader ....
-- So that leader had his feelings hurt .... pulled out of the church and started The Antipeg Baptist Church!

-- Once .... Janice and I were driving through the country .... somewhere in Tennessee .... small church -- sign: The One and Only Church of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Chr ...

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