by Chuck McAlister

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Living Wisely (14 of 23)
Series: A FAITH THAT WORKS (James)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 3:13-18


1- James .... the 1st Book written in the New Testament .... The Manual on Maturity.
2- It is all about how to grow up as a Christian.
3- James shows us The Marks of Christian Maturity --
a- Chapter 1 .... The 1st Mark is Your Perseverance ....
b- Chapter 2 .... The 2nd Mark is Your Practice ....
c- Chapter 3 .... The 3rd Mark is Your Power ....
(1) I.E. .... Your Power Over Your Mouth ....
(2) A mature Christian demonstrates his maturity by what he says!
(3) Remember .... the tongue reflects the heart ... What you say pictures what is inside you!
(4) James addresses the heart by contrasting the difference between the world's wisdom and God's wisdom.
(a) James concludes this 3rd Mark of Maturity .... by showing us that if we are going to have power over our mouths .... We must have hearts that operate by God's wisdom.
(b) James does the same thing at the conclusion of this mark of maturity that he does with each one .... his pattern!
(c) He contrasts the Real and the False ---- Here he contrasts .... The Wisdom of God and the Wisdom of the World.

-- A legend of a man who had a servant. He was a kind of stupid fellow. One day in conversation with this servant, he became exasperated. He said, "You've got to be the stupidest fellow I've ever known. Look, I want you to do something. I want you to take this staff and carry it with you. If you ever meet a man stupider than you are, give him the staff." The servant took the staff. He met some pretty dumb men but he wasn't sure, the legend says, that the man that he met was stupider than he was. Then one day he was called back to the castle. He was ushered in to his master's bedroom where his master lay dying. The master said to his servant, "I'm goin ...

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