by Chuck McAlister

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The Means to Maturity (8 of 23)
Series: A Faith that Works (James)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 1:21-25

INTRO: SERIES . A FAITH THAT WORKS! Studying the New Testament Manual on Maturity.The Book of James . the 1st Book written in the New Testament. Purpose to move us from being moral to being spiritual. Society today . not even moral. James teaches that God wants to move us from morality to spiritual maturity. God gives us a tool to help that happen . His Word. James told us that our spiritual birth was the product of God's Word.. Read Ch. 1: 18a ! Now . he tells us to utilize God's Word as the tool to grow us on to maturity. You need more than a one-time experience with Jesus to pass the tests of life . to make good decisions .to win over temptation . to choose a good attitude! . You need the wisdom of God every day! The Word of God connected with you at salvation .Now you need the Word of Instruction to grow! God's Word is the means God uses to bring you to maturity in Jesus! READ TEXT .. In America . Bibles are everywhere . in grocery stores, motel rooms, book stores . in all sizes, shapes, translations, versions.You can get them leather bound, cloth bound, or paperback.

Every year the Bible out sells every other major bestseller. Last year over 500 million Bibles were published in the world in more than 18,000 languages. In America . we are glutted with the Word of God on the airways, radio, TV, books, and magazines! Yet, we see so few people growing up spiritually in our nation. Why? . Because growth, maturity . is not automatic. The Bible will bless you . It will give you comfort . strength . hope . wisdom . joy . power . purpose .It will grow you up! But just because you own a Bible . that doesn't mean you're going to benefit from it.

Recent Gallup Poll . 82% of Americans believe the Bible is the literal, inspired Word of God . more than ½ said they read the Bible monthly, but many of them could not name 1 of the 4 gospels.

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