by James Merritt

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American Idol (2 of 10)
Series: Homeland Security
James Merritt
Exodus 20:4-6


1. With 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, suicide bombers, Osama Ben Laden, need I say more? Homeland Security is maybe the number one concern facing this nation right now.

2. We have already established that the Ten Commandments are all about Homeland Security, because the greatest way to secure the homeland is to secure the homes in that land. That is exactly what the Ten Commandments were given for. Remember these are not arbitrary rules; these were family laws. They were laws given by God to His family (the Nation of Israel), so they could teach these laws to their families and build homes that were safe and secure.

3. These commandments were given primarily to protect the family and we see this in the second commandment.

4. It may surprise you to learn that this is the most repeated commandment of all the Ten Commandments in the entire Bible. The word ''idol'' or ''idolatry'' appears over 220 times in the Bible. There is more denunciation of idolatry that any other sin you find in God's Word.

5. For God idolatry is public enemy #1. If God had a most wanted list idolaters would be at the top. The reason is simple. Everybody worships some kind of god. Everybody believes in some kind of deity. It may be nature, science, or the god of self, but everybody worships some god. That is why the Bible preaches against idolatry, not atheism.

6. Here is something else you may not know. The second commandment is the only commandment where God says that those who break it actually hate Him. If you worship a false god, if you worship anything other than God or you attempt to worship the right God the wrong way, then you hate God according to this commandment.

7. I realize that there is one commandment today that people in the 21st century think is totally out of date, totally irrelevant, and absolutely not applicable to where we are. It would be the second commandmen ...

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