by Michael Romero

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Reconnecting to God
Series: Experiencing Holy Spirit Power
Michael A. Romero
Zechariah 4:6


In the last few weeks we have been looking at how someone might Experience Holy Spirit Power in their life and how a church can invite God to move and work amongst the people.

So far we have discovered that we must be "Remember when" people. We need to use the Bible as a constant reminder that God does do miraculous and great things and not only that but He can still do and will do great things today. In fact the Bible tells us in four separate passages of scripture that the things that are not possible with people are possible with God.

Then we move from remembering when God had done some great things in the Bible and in our life to reigniting the passion for God to move. It is one thing to remember what God can do and it one thing to understand that He can do it again...but it is quite another issue if we WANT to have God move like that again.

So last week we talked about reigniting our passion.

1. Reigniting our passion for God's presence to be among His people.
2. Reigniting our passion to see God's glory or who He is in a new way
3. Reigniting our passion to invite God's power to sweep through our lives and our church in order to do a new work in us and our church.

Today, as we build hope based on God's past activity in our lives. As we remember and look forward to God's movement again. As we seek to reignite our passion for God's presence, glory, and power to be a reality in our lives...I want to add one thing and that is that we focus on getting reconnected with God every chance we get.

How many of you agree that the more consistent our connection with God is the more we are going to witness and experience the power of the Holy Spirit?

I want to share with you some things from God's Word today about reconnecting with God. I want to share with about...

I. Reconnecting With God's Heart
II. Reconnecting With God's Pur ...

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