by Michael Romero

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Reigniting Passion
Series: Experiencing Holy Spirit Power
Michael A. Romero
Zechariah 4:6


We are continuing to discuss the idea of ‘‘Experiencing Holy Spirit Power’’ in our lives and in our church. I find that when groups of people become God-watchers and there is a hum among God’s people about the latest thing God is doing in someone’s life or in the church things get pretty exciting.

It completely changes the meaning of what church means. It is not only something that is good for you and as many people might think - wards off evil spirits or something - it means that people actually want to spot the places where God is moving and ride the wave. They don’t want to sit around trying to find things to talk about.

They don’t talk about what is not happening or what should be happening they talk about what is happening with spiritual lenses firmly placed on their noses.

I find that when groups of people have such a passion and desire for God to show up in their Sunday School in their Home Bible Study or in Sunday Morning worship services, or even while they are sitting on the couch, it becomes the only thing that consumes them. Nothing else matters.

I have to tell you that it is my one obsession that I cannot shake. It is one habit I don’t want to break.

Today’s sermon is wrapped around the need for Christians and churches to reignite their passion for seeing God move in fresh and new ways. To reignite our passion to see the winds of the Holy Spirit move again.

You have heard me use the word ‘‘passion’’ several times lately. It is a word that I truly believe fits inside every Christian believer’s vocabulary.

Let me show you why,

When we think of the passion of a Christian or a church we can think about words like,

- Zeal
- Fervor
- Emotion
- Excitement
- Intensity
- Vitality

The opposite of passion is for a person or church to be ‘‘passionless’’ which we can think of as...

- Cold
- Unemotional
- ...

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