by Steve Wagers

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The God Who Has Everything Under Control (2 of 3)
Series: The God I Know
Steve N. Wagers
Job 19:25-27
April 30, 2006

Sermon Outline
1. The God of Priceless Redemption!
A) One Who Is Close
B) One Who Is Compassionate
2. The God of Matchless Resurrection!
A) The Prophetic Revelation of God's Son
B) The Personal Revelation of God's Servant
3. The God of Timeless Revelation!
A) His Glorious Return
B) His Glorious Reign

The noted author, John Killinger, tells a powerful story about a man who is all alone in a Canadian hotel room. The man is in a state of deep depression. He is so depressed that he can't even bring himself to go downstairs to the restaurant to eat. He is a powerful man, the chairman of a large shipping company. But at this moment, he is absolutely overwhelmed by the pressures and demands of life; and, he lies there on a lonely hotel bed far from home wallowing in self-pity.

All of his life he has been fastidious, worrying about everything, anxious and fretful. Now, at mid-life, his anxiety has gotten the best of him, even to the extent that it is difficult for him to sleep and eat. He worries, broods and agonizes about everything: his business, his investments, his decisions, his family, his health, even his dogs.

Then, on this day, he craters. He hits bottom. Filled with anxiety, completely immobilized, paralyzed by his emotional despair and unable to leave his room, he moans, "Life isn't worth living this way. I wish I were dead!" And, then he wonders what God would think if he heard him talking this way. Speaking out loud again he says, "God, it's a joke, isn't it? Life is nothing but a joke."

When we meet Job in this memorable scene he admits that he is hanging on by the "skin" of his "teeth." (19: 20) In desperation he pleads with his friends to have pity on him, and confesses that he cannot understand why they have insisted on playing God. In essence, Job seems to be saying, "God, it's a joke, i ...

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