by Steve Wagers

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The Bible's Domestic Policy (5 of 5)
Series: Proven Precepts from Proverbs
Steve N. Wagers
May 3, 2006

Sermon Outline
1. Health Care
A) The Benefit of Happiness
B) The Burden of Heaviness
2. Home Care
A) The Importance of Proper Correction
1. The Love It Shows
2. The Life It Spares
B) The Influence of Proper Direction
3. Heart Care
A) How We Must Protect Our Heart
B) Why We Must Protect Our Heart

I love the story of the sophisticated Englishman who visited Brazil and approached a tribal Indian of the Amazon region who was reading a Bible. The gentleman form London said, "Hah, in England we've outgrown that book." The former cannibal looked up into the ashen face of that man and said, "Sir, had we out grown this book here, I would have eaten you yesterday!"

The fact of the matter is that we can never outgrow the Bible. We cannot outgrow it personally, spiritually, domestically, nationally and congregationally. It is not just a book to be enjoyed, but it is a book to be experienced. It is not just a book to be preached, but it is a book to be practiced. It is not enough to read through the Bible, we must allow the Bible to read through us.

Much has been said in recent years concerning the domestic policies concerning our country. Politicians run on tickets pushing a certain part of their domestic agenda such as health care, education, finance reform or national security. Elections can be won or lost by a candidates stand on domestic policy. While we are constantly aware of foreign affairs, we must never forget the state of domestic affairs.

The book of Proverbs outlines its own domestic policy. It is a policy that concerns our health, our home and our heart. While we tend to focus on matters that don't really matter, the book of Proverbs deals with matters that do matter; and, they are matters that affect our everyday lives.

First of all, let's notice the Bible's domestic policy concerning:

1. HEALTH Care!

We re ...

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