by Rex Yancey

Meet the Men Who First Met the Master
Rex Yancey

The Twelve apostles were men chosen by Jesus. That alone, if there were no other reasons, warrant's a Christian's special and significant consideration. Their selection was of unusual importance to the Master, for so much would depend on these men who would be his own intimate companions. Therefore, Jesus did not choose them in any casual or careless manner. He spent time in prayer before he called them out.
These men were not alike, a fact which should encourage every believing Christian. The Lord did not have a cookie cutter mentality when he called his followers.
There are four lists of the apostles in the New Testament: Matthew 10, Luke 6:14, Acts 1:13, and Mark 3:16-19.
One mark of an apostle was that he should have been with the Lord from the baptism of John until the day he ascended into heaven.
Simon Peter was a pebble who would become a stone. James had a faith that would cost him his head. John had a tender heart. Andrew was a man among men. Philip was a slow growing giant. Bartholomew or Nathaniel was an original. Matthew left everything to find life's best. Thomas was a skeptical saint. James the less reminds us that there are saints in the background. Thaddeus, or Judas, not to be confused with Iscariot, solves the question of faith. Simon the Zealot exemplifies purposeful passion. Judas Iscariot portrays a life of contradictions.
Let's take a look at the men who first met the Master.
They were called. They were chosen by the Son of God. Why did he choose them over others? I can't answer that. Why did he choose me/you? All of that is wrapped up in the mystery of God. However, if he chose them, that warrants special consideration on our part. Jesus chose these men as his companions.
A. These men were different. They are not alike. Jesus does not use the cookie cutter approach when he calls disciples. There is no one cla ...

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