by Rex Yancey

A Slow-Growing Apostle
Rex Yancey
John 1:43; 14:8

In the early 1930's there was a young man strumming his guitar and singing. There was a stranger that heard him sing that day and gave him encouragement. The stranger's name was Will Rogers. The young man playing the guitar was Gene Autry. Gene Autry, the singing cowboy, and owner of a professional baseball team, may owe all of his success to the fact Will Rogers passed his way.
In the New Testament there was a beggar by the name of Bartimaeus who had been blind from his birth. Jesus passed by and cured him of his blindness. How fortunate he was that Jesus passed his way.
Billy Graham was preaching a tent meeting in California. He was a little known preacher. William Randolph Hurst, the owner of a newspaper told his reporters to "Puff Graham." The reporters did and the rest is history. Billy Graham was fortunate that a newspaper owner passed his way.
In our text tonight, Jesus proposed to go forth into Galilee. Jesus always did things with a purpose. One time he said "I must needs go through Samaria." The only reason I know of that he went through Samaria was to reach a sinful woman, who in turn reached her city for Christ.
In Galilee, he found another unlikely candidate for apostleship. We might have passed this man by. But Philip was fortunate that Jesus passed his way.
It is a good thing Jesus found him. I get the picture from what record we have of him that he was shy and in the background. I do not believe he would have sought Jesus. "For the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost."
The other apostles had either come to Jesus or were brought to Jesus. Jesus found one who may have lacked the initiative to come on his own. He seems to have been an ordinary man. At times he seems to have been over his head.
At the feeding of the 5000, he told Jesus there was very little money in hand. He only saw how little there was. ...

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