by Rex Yancey

An Unshakable Devotion
Rex Yancy
Mark 1:19-20

There are at least three men in the Gospels by the name of John. There is John the Baptist, John Mark, and John the Apostle. John was a very common name in biblical times. It is the most common male name in America now. John means "God is gracious." It is an expression of joy.

John the Apostle is a younger brother of James. He is a disciple, and a fisherman from Bethsaida. In some ways we know more about him than the other apostles. He has an unshakable devotion.

David Livingston would have his quiet times in the jungles of Africa. He would have someone stand guard for him during this time so he would not be bothered. The guard looked in his tent and found him dead by his bed. Livingston had requested that when he died he wanted his heart buried in Africa. He had an unshakable devotion.

John's heart was centered in the Lord's will for his life. I want us to see three things concerning this Apostle the Lord chose to be one of his followers.


We all know that God had to do a work inn the life of Simon Peter. He had many rough edges to be an apostle. He was impetuous and irascible. He denied the Lord and was ready to fight the Lord's enemies.

John needed some sandpaper in is life as well. We all do. We do not come ready made. It would be nice, wouldn't it? However, disciples are not born, they are made. The birth is instantaneous, the discipleship is a process.

Isn't it wonderful that the Bible does not give a flattering account of the apostles? It does not do what a photographer would do. It doesn't cover up the blotches. It shows them warts and all.

One lady told the photographer that the pictures he made of her did not do her justice. He told her she didn't need justice, she needed mercy.

1. He was over ambitious.

-He wanted a high cabinet post in Jesus' administration. He may have gotten some of that ambition from his m ...

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