by Rex Yancey

The Biography of a Wasted Life
Rex Yancey
Mark 14:17-21

There was a woman who lived in mortal fear of a burglar breaking into her two- story home. On many occasions she would awaken her husband and have him go down the stairs to check out a noise. This went on for years. Finally she awakened her husband one night to check out a noise downstairs. He went downstairs and sure enough there was a burglar. The man introduced himself and said, "I want you to go upstairs and meet my wife. She has been expecting you for years!"

That would be one way to waste your life.

A pastor related a story about a man standing in line next to him. When the cashier finished helping him, she turned to the pastor and said, "That's such a shame." The pastor asked what she meant and she responded, "He is such a talented and gifted writer. He was on his way to becoming one of the greatest newspaper men in the Southwest. But now no paper will hire him. He has wasted his life with alcohol."

While at the Seminary in New Orleans, I visited the Rescue Mission downtown. I was surprised to discover that all the bums on skid row are not down and outs. Some of them were down and ups. They were doctors, lawyers, professional people who had success in their careers. But due to one thing or another they landed up on skid row.

There is a commercial that comes on television that says, "A life is a tragic thing to waste."

No matter what else you are doing-
From cradle days to the end
You're writing your life's story;
Each day sees another page penned.
Each month ends a thirty page chapter.
Each year means the end of a part,
And never an act is misstated,
Nor ever a wish from the heart
Each day when you wake the book opens
Revealing a page clean and white
What thoughts and words and what action
Will cover its surface by night?
God leaves that to you-you're the writer
And never shall one word grow dim
Till someday you write the word finish
And give ...

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