by James Merritt

People Skills
James Merritt
Proverbs 12:26


1. He was the first billionaire in the history of the world. At one time, the company he started, Standard Oil Company, controlled and marketed ninety-percent of the oil produced in America. We have today, Exxon, Mobil, Amoco and Chevron, because of this man's vision and ingenuity. For the vast majority of his life, he was by far and away, the richest man in the world. Even today, the name Rockefeller is associated with wealth.

2. John D. Rockefeller, who probably never really knew exactly how much he was worth and had far more money than any one-hundred men could spend in a life-time and who (by all accounts) was very, very careful where he gave his money and how he would spend his money, made this incredible statement.
"I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than any other ability under the sun."
John D. Rockefeller said the most important ability that anyone can ever have to be successful are people skills.

3. According to a report by the American Management Association, an over-whelming majority of the 200 managers who participated an a survey agreed that the most important single skill of an executive is his ability to get along with people. They rated this ability more vital than intelligence, decisiveness, knowledge or job skills.

4. If you think about it, every part of your life is built around relationships. If you are going to have a good family you must have good family relationships. If you are going to have a successful business you must build it on relationships. The chemistry of a team, that can determine whether or not it wins a championship, depends upon the relationships between the players on that team. Relationship will make you or break you. Your eternal destiny depends upon whether or not you have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

5. In the Book of Proverbs, Solomon gave to his children some incredible life lessons on how to buil ...

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