by James Merritt

How Great Is Our God
James Merritt
Psalm 139:1-18


1. Robert Wells wrote a book entitled, ''Is A Blue Whale The Biggest Thing There Is?'' It is a children's book to help little ones see just how big the universe really is.

2. The largest animal on earth is the blue whale. Just the flippers on its tail are bigger than most animals on earth, but a blue whale isn't anywhere near as big as a mountain. If you could put one-hundred blue whales inside of a huge jar, you could millions of those whale jars inside of a hollowed out Mt. Everest.

3. But Mt. Everest isn't anywhere near as big as the earth. If you stack one-hundred
Mt. Everests on top of one another it would be just a whisker on the face of the earth. The earth isn't anywhere near as big as the sun. You could fit one-million earths inside of the sun.

4. But the sun isn't anywhere near as big as a red, super-giant star called, ''Antares.'' You could fit 50 million of our suns inside Antares. But Antares isn't anywhere near as big as the Milky Way galaxy. Billions of stars, including super-stars, like Antares make up the Milky Way galaxy.

5. The Milky Way galaxy isn't anywhere near as big as the universe. There are billions of other galaxies in the universe. Yet filled with billions of galaxies, the universe is almost totally empty. The distances from one galaxy to another are beyond human calculation. Yet, we are told in this psalm that the one who created it all, spoke it into being and sustains it with His power.

6. The only thing that does justice to the greatness of God is God Himself. In this psalm David tells us more about God than we are told practically anywhere else in the Bible and tells us ''How Great Is Our God''.

I. God Is Omniscient - He Knows Me

1. The word ''omniscient'' comes from the Latin ''omni'' which means ''all'' and the Latin word, ''scientia'' which means ''to know.'' It literally means ''all knowing.'' God knows everything about everything and ...

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