by Chuck McAlister

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Passing the Test of Life (2 of 23)
Series: A Faith That Works
Dr. Chuck McAlister
James 1:2-4

.... SERIES: THE FAITH THAT WORKS .... Study the Book of James.

(A) James .... the 1st Book written in the New Testament.
1- There are no deep discussions of doctrine .... James just says: "You ought to live like you believe." .....
..... James = a manual on Maturity. It is the "how to" manual for the Christian life.
2- James has no patience with phonies .... or hypocrites.
3- A FAITH THAT WORKS .... means -- You live what you believe, everything else is just a bunch of religious talk!
4- James is the most practical book in the New Testament.

(B) Time of his writing .... Christians persecuted .... Emperor of Rome was Claudius .... he hated Christians!
1- Many professed to believe in Jesus, but they didn't want to take the risk of living outwardly what they believed.
2- James confronted that attitude right from the beginning.
a- When you write a letter you normally figure that the guy is going to warm up and ease into his subject. He's going to have a few preliminaries, opening remarks, and then move into the message. But James drops a bomb in vs. 2. He announces who he is and then in
vs. 2 he says .....
b- How would you like to get a letter like that?
"This is a letter from me. Hello. Now -- rejoice over your problems" ..... James doesn't beat around the bush .... desperate times calling for desperate measures.
c- The Key Phrase ---- "Knowing this" (vs. 3)
.... PASSING THE TESTS OF LIFE -- Based on what you know.

d- Your attitude is determined by your understanding.
.... There are several things we need to understand about the Tests of Life -- so we'll be prepared to pass them.

-- Little boy: "I didn't deserve this '0'".
-- Teacher: "You're right --- lowest grade I could give you."

... From Strange and Unusual Events of 1982 fr ...

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